Girl with long blondie hair and red bow hair
'Fallayage' Is The New Balayage: The Trend Bringing Autumnal Warmth To Your Hair
Balayage is a blended, hand-painted hair coloring technique that creates a soft gradient from dark roots to light tips. Fallayage gives the same look using autumn colors.
Cranberry Punch
Capture the beautiful, vibrant color of cranberries to create a sassy fallayage. The bright, joyful color of the fall berry will brighten up the dreary fall weather.
Embrace the spooky season with a dark balayage. Start with black or dark brown roots, transitioning into warm chocolate and caramel tones.
Golden Copper
Not every gradient has to include hues that are light or bright. Feature dark brown or black roots and gently fade into warm chocolatey brown and caramel highlights.
Bring the essence of the changing leaves with a stunning fallayage that ranges from a medium copper root to light golden blond ends.