A woman looks forlorn while she stares at her smartphone screen.
Fizzling: Ghosting Someone Just Got A Little Less Harsh (It Still Sucks, Though)
Similar to ghosting — which involves someone completely cutting off contact and suddenly disappearing — fizzling is a more gradual and subtle way for a partner to distance themself until the relationship completely fizzles out. It may seem like an easy way to end a relationship, but it sucks just as much as ghosting.
Unfortunately, fizzling someone without offering an explanation can make the person on the other end feel unworthy, confused, and full of self-doubt. Hinge’s love and connection expert Moe Ari Brown said, “If you’re not feeling the connection, remember there’s another human being on the other side of that screen — and they deserve closure.”
Although having a conversation about why things haven’t worked out might be awkward and emotional, it’s an important step that’s helpful to both parties. Not only will you be able to walk away from the relationship knowing why it didn’t work out, but you’ll also be able to move on and use what you learned going forward in your love life.