woman applying moisturizer to her face during her morning beauty routine.
Follow These Rules When Adding New Products To Your Skincare Routine
1. Know The ‘Why?’
Before you add a new skincare product to your daily skincare routine, make sure you know exactly why that particular product needs to be a part of your process.
Consider your skin type, the concerns you’d like to treat, age-related changes, hormonal changes, and even the weather in your local area before you invest in a new product.
2. Check The Ingredients
Before introducing a new product, make certain that it doesn't share active ingredients with any of your existing skincare products.
Knowing how different mixtures react with one another is vital because some ingredients make one another ineffective when combined, while others can lead to serious side effects.
3. Pace Yourself
It’s best to slowly introduce a new product into your routine (especially those with ingredients like retinoids and glycolic acid) so that you can monitor how your skin will react.
As a rule of thumb, start by using the product once per week; then move up to every other day; and, ultimately, incorporate it on a daily basis if that's the intended plan.