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Forget All The Jewelry Rules You Think You Know - Mixing Metals Is In
Bold Necklaces
Jump right into this new style by reaching for your statement necklaces and combine as many as you like. If your skin tone leans towards warm, go heavier on the yellow-gold or copper pieces, and if you're a cool-toned babe, add more white gold or silver.
Bracelet Stacks
Stacking bracelets is another way you can go bold, but not all stacks have to be big or flashy. Pairing a simple, delicate chain in yellow or rose gold with another one in white gold or silver is a sophisticated, understated way of mixing your metals.
Dueling Rings
Stack two simple rings, one in silver or white gold and one in yellow gold or copper, to add a little flair without going overboard. Go bolder by adding chunkier statement rings, more stacked bands, or even other metals like rose gold or dark titanium.
Earring Groupings
Over the past decade, elaborately planned and stylized groupings of ear piercings have risen in popularity, offering the perfect opportunity to mix metals. Mix golds, silvers, and coppers — with or without coordinating gemstones — throughout the grouping for a slightly edgier look.
Facial Piercings
For those who have branched out further than earring groupings to the rest of their face, nothing says flawless alternative style like mixing metals between your nose, eyebrow, lip, and facial dermal piercings. Bonus points if you combine this jewelry look with a bold hair color.