A male model wearing makeup
Gender-Inclusive Beauty Brands You'll Be Obsessed With
Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz are pioneers of gender-inclusive beauty. Frustrated by the limited men’s skincare market, they created their own line inspired by antiquity.
Malin+Goetz takes the approach of the apothecaries from centuries ago that created all-natural concoctions focused on healthy skin, not gender-based beauty standards.
Jecca Blac
Blacker credits her trans clients with pushing her to launch her own cosmetics line. The core of her brand is that makeup is a way to express identity, regardless of gender.
After seeing her trans clients be left out of mainstream beauty, she opened a space where anyone could learn about makeup, try different cosmetics, and hone their personal style.
As an Iranian-American, non-binary femme, Shari Siadat never saw anyone like them in the beauty industry, and decided to start a revolution by rejecting Western beauty standards.
They create fun and funky cosmetics that enable people to express their individual energy, regardless of their gender. They describe TooD as a “non-binary beauty brand.”
Non Gender Specific
Frustrated with the binary nature of beauty products, Andrew Glass wanted to put gender-neutral skincare front and center in his branding, so he literally put it in the name.
Glass understood that skin isn’t really gendered, so he decided to develop skincare products that are full of benefits to meet the needs of any human looking for better skin.
Noto Botanics
Gloria Noto spent years as a celebrity makeup artist, which shaped her philosophy of creating clean skincare products that could be adapted for anyone’s beauty goals.
Even though she admits that people assigned male or female at birth often have different skincare needs, her products are so simple and basic that they fit everyone’s needs.