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Giving Your Brows A Lifted Look
With Concealer Couldn't Be Easier
Your eyebrows have the power to give you an instant facelift with just a few minor adjustments, and can balance out the rest of your features, making you appear more youthful and flatter your eyes. If you've been searching for a hack to help lift and define your brows, this concealer tip is for you.
Before jumping into this technique, you need to know how to map your brows — do a quick search online for extra guidance if needed — so you can produce clean, concise, and alluring brows. Once you've mapped, use a cream concealer, and trace it all the way around your eyebrow, sticking close to the edges without getting liquid on the brow.
Once everything has been drawn out, use a moist makeup sponge or foundation brush to blend it everything in (as long as it enables a flawless finish). Not only does the concealer help lift your brows and face, but your eyes will also pop thanks to the full coverage from the liquid, leaving a clean, even surface.