Young girl in granny panties
Granny Panties Are 2023's Most Improbable Fashion Trend
Make Them An Outfit
Instead of hiding your granny panties, you can show them off by raising them over the hem of your pants to tuck into your shirt. If you find this odd at first, try it out with a pair that has an obvious logo or print that blends into your outfit.
Statement Granny Panties
The key to this trend is to make a statement, so play with contrasting colors to emphasize your granny panties in a way that is both chic and modern. Use prints or bold colors against a neutral outfit for an extra pop of color that no one will expect.
Subtle But Chic
You can also play with sheer and solid fabrics to add subtlety to your granny panties. For example, you can wear a matching sheer skirt with granny panties underneath to showcase both trendy pieces without feeling too exposed.
Go Feminine & Fun
Granny panties usually come in cute colors and patterns, which gives you the opportunity to add some playfulness to your outfit to create an ultra-feminine look. Play up this trend by embracing what it means to wear granny panties.
Play With Fabrics & Textures
While we are typically used to seeing cotton granny panties, other fabrics like satin are being released to help elevate your undergarments. You can also add details such as bows or frills to your granny panties to give them a more stylish look.