A hot brunette model in a green top wearing bright make-up and a ponytail posing for a photoshoot
Green Highlighter Is The Beauty Risk You Need To Try Right Now
Bold & Beautiful
You can add a lot of green highlighter for a bold and beautiful look that starts on your cheekbones and moves up to your temples. Green pigment pops against the skin and looks gorgeous on darker skin tones, so you can really add as much as you want.
Dramatic Eye
Green is the perfect highlighter color to complement a dramatic eye look. It won’t take away attention from your hard work so you can apply it to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the inner corners of your eyes, and as a brow highlight.
Green Eyes
If you have green eyes, this highlighter is perfect to make them pop. You can keep your makeup super light by applying a green highlighter to the eyelid, and adding a coat of mascara, and you’re free to play around with more highlighter on the rest of your face.
Unique Look
If you have bright hair then a green highlighter is a perfect choice because the combination makes you look incredible. You can add highlighter to your collarbones and shoulders or simply apply it to your cheeks and eyes.
Lip Dimension
Using highlighter on your face and shoulders is the usual choice, but you can achieve a lot by applying it to your lips. Applying green highlighter to your lips will give you an ombré effect if you gently apply it to the center of your top and bottom lips.