Studio portrait of woman massaging face with rose quartz gua sha
Gua Sha Vs. Microcurrent Device: Which
Is Better For
Face Sculpting?
Gua Sha increases circulation on the surface of the skin which can help reduce facial swelling, and many believe that two to three sessions per week can provide adequate results. Gua shas are designed to assist in contouring the jaw and cheekbones, and one Reddit user says it “helps me with morning puffiness [and] sinus pressure. I really think it's helped define my jawline.”
Microcurrent technology is used to help tone the muscles of the face, resulting in a sculpted, glowy appearance, but esthetician Shani Darden warns you to check with your doctor before using this device. Esthetician Nerys Rodriguez says, “[With microcurrent,] the eyes will be lifted, the forehead gets tighter, and you'll see more of an 'awakened' look. It also stimulates collagen.”
Some estheticians say microcurrent treatments are powerful enough to mimic facelift results, and you can actually use a gua sha and microcurrent device together for amazing results. Licensed acupuncturists Sandra Lanshin Chiu says, “I recommend doing facial Gua Sha first to reset and release muscles and tissue, then follow with microcurrent to tone.”