Halloween Movies To Watch If You Love Hocus Pocus
There's nothing scary about a movie like "Halloweentown," which means it's a safe option to watch if you have little kids in tow. It’s a story of a preteen-aged girl who follows her grandmother into a magical city called “Halloweentown.” There are three sequels, so that gives you plenty to watch in preparation for Halloween.
Unlike other zombie movies, “Zombieland” is more funny than terrifying. It’s about a group of unlikely companions linking up to survive during a zombie apocalypse, and there are plenty of funny moments you’ll find yourself laughing at.
“Twitches” is a Disney Channel movie that tells the story of two twin sisters who get reunited on their 21st birthday, and they eventually learn about the magical powers they each harbor. They must use these powers to fight the evil forces who threaten to destroy the world, and while this sounds very heavy, it’s a cute, light-hearted movie.
“Casper” is an adorable story about a friendly ghost who falls in love with a human girl named Kat. This movie was released in 1995, but it still continues to be a classic family-friendly ghost movie, perfect for spooky season.
The Haunted Mansion
Watching "The Haunted Mansion" around Halloween is ideal for anyone interested in a spooky movie filled with easygoing jokes. It is also a must-see for any Disney fan who has enjoyed riding the classic theme park attraction.