Depressed woman thinking while being alone on Christmas eve at dining table.
Handle Post-Breakup Regrets With Our 8 Best Tips
Let Yourself Grieve
Sometimes after a breakup, our grief makes us romanticize what worked well in the relationship and block out what wasn’t healthy. Giving yourself time and space to process the loss without jumping to conclusions is an important part of the recovery process.
Devote Time To Your Passions
This can be a good time to explore some of the things you love that might’ve fallen to the wayside during your relationship. Whether it’s something artistic or physically active, focusing your free time on a healthy outlet will help you process the start of this new chapter.
Take Responsibility
Once you can take responsibility for your own shortcomings in the relationship, you may feel less resentment towards your ex and more gratitude for what you learned. Try to think of this self-reflection as an avenue to becoming more whole independently.
Is Your Regret Actually Fear?
After a long-term relationship ends, your fear and doubt about the future may be jolted into overdrive, which may make you wonder if you made the right decision. Trust that you’ll be okay, and recognize that it’s probably fear of the unknown that’s bringing up this regret.
Remember Why You Broke Up
If nostalgia leaves you doubting whether or not the break-up was the right move, try your best to remain grounded and rational. Talking through the nature of the relationship with a trusted friend or therapist could be extremely helpful in this part of the healing process.