Hanger Is A Real Thing - Here's How To Control It
Hanger is anger triggered by the extreme irritability that hunger — and its associated drop in blood sugar and release of stress hormones — can cause in certain individuals. This often occurs mid-afternoon, and it can be worse if you didn’t have a sufficient lunch, so here’s how to avoid snapping at people when you’re hangry.
Before you reach full-on hangry, try to prevent it; don’t ignore hunger cues, and set a daily alarm for about three hours after lunch to see if you notice any hangry signs. If you feel rumbling, emptiness, mild pangs in your stomach, or a foggy mind, you most likely need a snack.
Not only is it important to know when to eat, but it’s crucial to know what to eat. The human body prefers to burn carbohydrates for energy, so if you eat sugary or high-carb snacks, you may feel a quick surge of energy accompanied by a crash in energy shortly after. If you really want to satiate hungry for the long term, pair your carbohydrates with protein, healthy fats, and fiber.