woman painting on an easel in her home
Having A Creative Outlet Has Important Wellness Benefits
Creativity Fosters Self-Expression
Our ability to express our emotions and personalities is essential to our wellbeing, as repressing them makes you feel worse over time and can hurt your mental and physical health.
Creative outlets like writing, cooking, and music are healthy ways to channel and make sense of your feelings, allowing you to be yourself and improve your overall happiness.
Learn Something New
Neuroplasticity is what allows our brains to change and adapt, and picking up a new hobby, especially an artistic one, can increase this plasticity and improve brain function.
Not only can we grow our brains through creative hobbies, but we can grow as people. That’s why it’s important to try learning a new skill, even if it's out of your comfort zone.
Make Social Connections
Having alone time to engage in your hobbies is important, but they can also be a great way to create new friendships by sharing your creative interests with those around you.
Whether you attend an art class or join a book club, using your hobbies to connect with like-minded individuals can lead to lasting relationships and expand your social circle.
Art Improves Mental Health
Engaging in art through drawing, painting, or other mediums has been shown to decrease the stress hormone cortisol and put one into a “flow” state.
This state involves feeling fully entrenched in something you enjoy. It helps you maintain a strong sense of identity and leads to increased motivation and personal fulfillment.