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Here Are The Benefits Of A Stick Concealer
Full Coverage
Stick concealers brighten and even out your complexion, and due to their semi-solid texture, they provide a high degree of coverage with a matte finish. This product may not be ideal in the summer because it can easily slide off and get cakey in the heat.
Thicker Consistency
Those with oily skin should avoid stick concealer as the thick texture can clog your pores, and if you have excessively dry skin, it can cause visible dry patches, making your makeup look cakey. Fix the problem by using a hydrating moisturizer and primer before your foundation and concealer.
Radiant Eyes
To target dark under eyes, look for concealers with an illuminating finish, and if you struggle with puffy eyes, look for concealers containing caffeine. To prevent creasing, use a primer under your eyes and then use the product straight from the applicator or use your finger or a thin brush.
Stick concealers can cover blemishes, be used as an eyebrow shaper, and make your lips look fuller and more defined. Freshen up your eyebrows by using the stick concealer below and above your brow arches then blend it in with your finger.