Here Are The Perfect Shoes To Wear With All Of Your Wide-Legged Jeans
Sneakers are the most simple and stylish shoes to throw on with any outfit. All-white sneakers make any casual outfit look chic, so complement wide-leg jeans with some chunky Reeboks, Air Maxes, or Air Forces.
Square-toed Boots
A gorgeous pair of high-heeled boots will heighten and elongate your legs and they’ll prevent your pants from being dragged on the floor. Square-toed boots are versatile and can be dressed up or down.
Platform Shoes
If you don’t wear high-heels, platform shoes are just as great, whether you opt for Dr. Martens or Uggs. Dr. Martens are perfect for a date night while mini-platform Uggs can be worn with a cozy outfit.
Pairing your wide-leg jeans with a neutral mule makes it the perfect spring and summer outfit. Mules give you a little bit of height, and a strappy mule takes any casual outfit into a classy one.
Strappy Heels
Strappy heels are the epitome of the perfect jean-shoe combination because you can wear them with any top and create a stunning outfit. Pair a white crew sweater with light-wash wide-leg jeans and nude strappy sandals for a brunch outfit.