legs being shaved in the bathtub
Here's Exactly How To Approach Shaving Before & After Your Spray Tan
Shaving can seriously hinder the results of a spray tan if you don't plan properly. It's crucial to do the job as carefully as possible and to time it correctly.
1. Exfoliate Before You Shave
Exfoliating before shaving and tanning can help remove dead skin cells and other unwanted fragments. If you don't exfoliate before you shave, you may miss a few hairs.
You can exfoliate with a specifically designed scrub, often containing ingredients like coffee grounds or oatmeal, or you can use a tool such as an exfoliating mitt or glove.
2. When To Shave
It is best to exfoliate and shave 24 hours prior to your tanning appointment as this will give your unclogged pores enough time to close before stubble starts to grow.
If you have to shave closer to your appointment than 24 hours, you can close your pores more quickly by rinsing off in cold water.
3. Shave Thoroughly
You must shave properly before a spray tan and pick out every hair you want because you won't be able to go back over it after tanning or even right before your appointment.