Broken compact of powder blush
Here's Exactly How To Fix Your Broken Makeup Powder
It can be tempting to throw away your compact after the product has been smashed, but there’s a way to salvage what you have left either by re-pressing or turning it into a powder.
To re-press your powder, you'll need something to smash up the rest of your powder into smaller bits, a few drops of 91% isopropyl alcohol, and a paper towel.
Crush the remains of your product as finely as possible before mixing in a few drops of rubbing alcohol to saturate the powder. Press down gently with a paper towel and let it dry.
To create a loose powder, makeup artist Jane Iredale says to dump the remains of your compact into a plastic bag, then “empty the contents of the bag into a small sieve.”
Iredale says to use a spoon to “stir the contents of the broken powder until it all falls from the sieve into a clean container.” This can also be pulled off with just your hands.
You can use whatever you have on hand for the container. Just be careful with application since brushes will pick up more loose powder than they would from a compact.