Stack of four dainty rings in gold and silver
Here's Exactly How To Pull Off A Mixed Metal Jewelry Look
Balanced Approach
Be balanced in placement and metal choice by choosing a few different spots to adorn and sticking to two different tones. For example, try gold bangles and platinum rings.
Stack Pieces
A stack of jewelry makes it clear you’re mixing metals on purpose. Stick to a couple of metals and find a thread to keep the look consistent, such as a similar chain or stone.
Dainty Pieces
Ease into mixed metals by starting with dainty pieces. Choose a piece that’s in a different metal than the rest of your chunkier pieces, or mix small metal pieces.
Play With Widths
Add intrigue to your look by playing with the widths of your jewelry. Different widths make stacks more appealing to look at, so try a thin ring on top of a wide one.
Already Mixed Metals
You can always just wear pieces already made with different metals. If you want to add more pieces, use the metals within the mixed piece for guidance.