Drawing of cellphones with one dating profile handing a hard to another
Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Using Dating Apps
An Aries should be the one to initiate a conversation on a dating app. As the first sign of the zodiac, they lead the way in terms of ambition, determination, and leadership.
They can get annoyed waiting around for someone to message them, so they should take charge and break the ice, especially if they already know they’re interested.
Taurus shouldn’t let good connections fizzle out. They tend to be stubborn and set in their ways, so they often need to go out of their way to maintain potential relationships.
It can be easy for potential relationships to lose steam on dating apps, so Taureans should be inquisitive about their match and arrange an in-person date as soon as possible.
Geminis can shift personalities quickly, so the best piece of advice for them on dating apps is to be as honest and authentic as possible while writing up every dating profile.
Try not to fill your profile with things you believe will impress potential matches on the other end. Instead, this is a great time to be open, honest, and vulnerable.
Cancers should pay attention to astrological compatibility on dating apps. They are known to be emotional, so they should listen to their heart, intuition, and gut response.
They tend to see the best in others, even when it’s not deserved. Cancers can better protect themselves by dating people with whom they're astrologically compatible.
It’s not challenging for a Leo to meet people in real life, but if they do find themselves on dating apps, they should keep their minds open to networking opportunities.
A Leo has the chance to meet the love of their life, their next best friend, and a like-minded business partner while using one dating app if they see fit.