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Here's How Often You Can Safely Bleach Your Hair
Bleaching your hair can give you a whole new look, but it can also cause some significant damage, leaving you with bald patches and broken bits of hair. Knowing how long to wait between bleaching applications and touch-ups is essential in keeping your hair healthy and intact.
Typically, you cannot go from brown to blonde in one session since the bleach works in layers, so after the first session, wait at least six weeks before reapplying the bleach. A general rule of thumb may be closer to an eight-week mark, as The American Academy of Dermatology suggests holding off at least eight to 10 weeks to touch up any hair dye treatments.
To care for bleached hair, celebrity colorist Tabitha Dueñas says, “Alternating between moisture and protein — and not overdosing on either — is the most important thing when caring for blonde hair.” Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that’s protein-rich and moisture-rich; you may want to use a hair mask now and then to repair breakage.