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Here's How Often You Should Be Getting Facials For Your Best Skin
The number of facials needed for healthy skin depends on skin type. Like other skin treatments, your skin may be too sensitive, so you'll want to spread your facials out longer.
On the other hand, skin that can tolerate more products and services may be able to repeat a facial sooner. Just ensure to give your skin enough time to recuperate.
Generally, plan for a facial every four to six weeks, depending on skin type. Those with oily or acne-prone skin can get facials more frequently to help reset the skin.
You should also consider what type of facial you get. For instance, with medium-depth chemical peels, you'll only be able to receive the treatment once every few months.
Superficial peels need around two to four weeks for recovery. However, some of the strongest deep chemical peels are only applied once in your lifetime.
While facials aren't a long-term solution, they can make tackling skin issues easier and help you start at a clean base. For best results, care for your skin between visits.