Applying make-up primer on a teen's face.
Here's How To Choose The Perfect Color-Correcting Primer For You
You should always prep your skin before you apply makeup and primer is the base you need before you apply foundation or concealer. You can use different primers, such as hydrating, blurring, mattifying, and color-correcting primers; there are six basic color-correcting shades and they are used for different purposes.
Green Primer
To figure out which color corrector to use, you need to look at the color wheel and use the opposite color from the color you want to hide. If you have redness or inflamed acne, use a green color corrector to diminish the red areas and it will cancel it out for an even skin tone.
Yellow Primer
Yellow primer is used to neutralize dark circles under your eyes, small blue or purple vessels, and bruises left behind from cosmetic work if you have a lighter skin tone. On a darker skin tone, you can apply it to the high points of your face and it will highlight those spots.
Lilac Primer
Lilac or lavender primer is used when you have yellow undertones and sallow tones to your skin and is most beneficial for fair to medium skin. It hides warmer and darker imperfections and can be used either before or after your base, depending on how much illumination you’re trying to achieve.
Pink Primer
Whether you get dark circles from lack of sleep or they're genetic, it can be hard to cover up with only concealer. Applying pink primer to your under eyes and lids before your concealer, will cover up any dark circles and illuminate a tired face.