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Here's How To Find Your Moon Sign
Your moon sign explains your emotional motivations, your inner self, and your emotional nature. Our moon sign heavily influences our interpersonal relationships, and astrologer Elocin Rose says, “Our moon sign impacts how we react to things that are happening in the world around us.”
Your sun, moon, and rising signs contribute to the person you are, since your sun represents the whole of you or your ego energy, your rising sign represents your energetic signature that others can see, and your moon sign is your innermost part that not everyone can decipher. The moon represents the subconscious side of your personality that you keep hidden.
In order to know your moon sign, you’ll need your exact birth time, birthday, and birth location, because, as astrologer Kerry Ward explains, “The moon only stays in each sign for around two days [...] It largely explains why you are so different from the other people you know who share your sun sign.” Additionally, apps like Sanctuary Astrology and TimePassagers will give you a deeper insight on yourself.