Decorative Zodiac sign
Here's How To Get In On The Buzzy New Gemini Hair Trend
Geminis, born between May 21 and June 20, love exciting activities, listening to music, and learning about the world. They are creative and flirty beings, but they have a bad reputation for having two different sides of their personalities due to their symbol, a set of twins.
Having two different sides to their personality calls for dyeing their hair two different colors. Although this is a bold statement for most people, Geminis love this look, and if you’re someone that can never decide between two colors, just choose them both, like a vibrant purple on one side and a dark brown on the other.
Like the Gemini zodiac sign, this Gemini hair trend is anything but dull, and hairstylist Quia Guerisma says, “Hair is an extension of fashion and if you've got quirky and edgy fashion sense, why not apply it to your hair as well.” One TikTok user showed a video of herself at the salon getting half blond and half light reddish hair, so this hair trend is already rising in popularity.