A woman with wavy hair.
Here's How To Refresh Wavy Hair Between Wash Days
It’s possible to maintain your hair’s texture on the days you don't want to wash it without any heat or expensive, time-consuming products. All you need is a bit of water.
First, brush your hair, then use a spray bottle and spritz water around your head until it's saturated. The water will help boost the products you applied after your last shower.
If you need extra help, add some curl cream or oil on the ends, especially if they feel dry. Scrunch well, and your texture should return to square one.
Most curl products build definition and create curl clumps, but after a few days of wind, movement, and sleeping on a pillow, all the friction breaks them up and creates tangles.
Giving yourself a fresh base by brushing and then spritzing some water throughout removes the tangles and reactivates the product you already have in your hair.
To further extend your hair's life, cut down the friction you face throughout the day. Avoid touching your hair once it's set, and invest in a satin or silk pillowcase and bonnet.