Here’s How To Reject Someone In Every Situation
The Gas Station
When rejecting someone at a gas station, be wary of your surroundings, since when a man’s pride is bruised, they might feel emasculated and cause a scene. Expressing your disinterest with other customers nearby is your safest option, but if you’re alone, remember that the gas pump can serve as a weapon if you need protection.
Nightclub Or Bar
The less time you spend chatting with the person trying to woo you the better, and don’t accept free drinks or invitations to dance from people you don’t want to talk to. Start by being as polite as possible, but if they won’t leave you alone, don't be afraid to ask a security guard to get involved or to escort you to your ride.
At Work
The easiest way to reject a colleague is to pull the “professionalism” card by saying that you don’t want to cross any professional boundaries. If you know you need to reject romantic advances from a coworker, disengage whenever they approach you, and if they aren’t taking no for an answer, report them to your boss or HR representative.
At School
When rejecting a classmate you can claim that academics are your top priority. Rejection doesn’t mean you never talk to that person again, but you might want to avoid things like private study sessions so you don’t give them the wrong idea; if your classmate won’t stop pursuing you, tell a trusted teacher or administrator.
On A Walk Or Hike
Being stuck in a secluded area with a stranger could lead to a dangerous situation, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. The safest option might be to engage in light conversation until more people can see and hear you, and you can lie to protect yourself by saying something like “My dad is almost here to join me.”