woman applying scalp scrub
Here's How You Should Be Applying Your Scalp Scrub
Scalp scrubs keep your scalp clear of buildup, stimulate hair growth, and reduce inflammation and irritation — but you can only get these benefits if you apply the scrub correctly.
If your scalp scrub needs to be used on wet hair (most do), jump in the shower and get your scalp completely wet before rubbing the scrub in circular motions.
Target every part of your scalp, even areas that don’t feel itchy or greasy. Remember not to miss behind your ears and toward your neck, as they can accumulate buildup.
Once you’ve gotten the whole scalp, rinse it out, ensuring none is leftover. Run your fingers through your hair to make sure your scalp is scrub-free, then continue your routine.
Be sure not to overdo it, and use your scalp scrub only once every week or two, as chemical exfoliants contain hair-damaging ingredients like AHAs and BHAs.
Besides scalp scrubs, you can detoxify your scalp by using hair oil treatments and pre-shampoo products, which also remove product and oil buildup from your scalp.
It’s also worth getting in the habit of massaging your scalp, which only needs to take a few minutes. This will help promote blood flow, creating longer and healthier hair.