Cartoon woman looking in the mirror with dark circles
Here's What Really Causes Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
Low Iron Level
Without enough iron, your body can't deliver sufficient oxygen throughout your body, which can deplete the oxygen that the tissues around your eyes need to look their best. Eating more iron-rich foods like egg yolks, red meats, and lentils can help combat this effect.
Smoker’s Circles
Smoking can lead to a problem called vasoconstriction, which is when the nicotine in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to constrict, preventing oxygen delivery to muscles and tissues. Nicotine can also disrupt collagen production, which can make dark circles worse.
Skin Thinning
The skin around the eyes is naturally thin, but it can be a lot thinner than normal for some people. This is typically genetic, and can cause excess dryness, eyes that appear sunken, increased wrinkles, and especially dark circles.
It’s entirely possible that genetics could be the culprit behind your dark circles. If you have genetic hyperpigmentation, lifestyle changes like changing your diet may not be effective, but you can try lightening creams or laser therapy.
Sun Exposure
The sun can make your undereyes look like you haven’t slept well in days due to the thin skin under the eyes. The solution is to protect your skin from sun exposure as much as possible by always wearing sunscreen, as well as sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat.