Here's What You Should Know About Dopamine Dressing
If you're looking for a new way to improve your mood, you should consider the hot new fashion trend called dopamine dressing. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter made in the brain that helps you feel joyful, and dopamine dressing focuses on clothing that will make you feel happier.
Donning brighter clothing can make you feel happier and more energetic throughout your day. The primary colors — red, yellow, and blue — are all excellent options to work with if you don’t know where to start; red exudes energy, yellow signifies joy, and blue creates a calm happiness.
Rocking pieces with playful patterns is another type of dopamine dressing; floral patterns are good for a girly look, polka dots radiate cheerful energy and a retro vibe, and food-inspired designs are the hot prints of 2022. Try out this new trend to get a pleasant dopamine boost.