Clip art of the night sky and the moon shining through the monochrome silhouette of a forest and utility poles on a country road.
Here's What You Shouldn't Do During A Full Moon
A full moon is always a big deal, as shown by the TikTok hashtag #fullmoon, which has over 1.6 billion views. If you’re one of the six in 10 Americans who accepts at least one New Age belief, you may want to capitalize on the rich and abundant energy of the full moon, but it's important to be mindful when choosing how to observe this celestial event each month.
Astrologer Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad says a full moon is “allowing things to complete,” so “creating new beginnings will backfire and won't gain the momentum deserved.” A full moon gives you clarity and strength of intuition, so you should avoid intoxicating or mind-numbing substances, and since a full moon brings high energy and potential chaos, avoid voyaging into the unknown.
To harness the power of the full moon, release energies that are no longer serving you and capitalize on the full moon’s illuminating intuition, whether it’s connecting your bare feet with the earth or re-centering through meditation. You can also practice tarot readings, and to help mitigate any wild energy, calming practices like a cleansing ritual bath will cleanse your aura and relax the mind.