Here's When You Should Be Using Dry Conditioner
Dry conditioner sprays a light coat of oil and other moisturizers, giving the visual effect of clean, freshly styled hair. This convenient product quickly smooths down frizz, adds extra shine, and protects the ends — but how you use it can make the difference between gorgeous, hydrated locks and greasy hair.
Professional stylist Michelle Cleveland recommends using dry conditioner between wash days; however, if you have naturally curly or textured hair that’s too dehydrated, it won't do much to bring back definition. Typically, a dry conditioner works best for preserving and refreshing your heat-styled hair, such as on blowouts.
Apply dry conditioner starting at the mid-length of your hair and working down to the ends — this will help seal the cuticle and prevent the appearance of dry, damaged hair. It’s important to note that although a dry conditioner is helpful for styling your hair, you shouldn't treat it as a substitute for a real hair conditioner.