Here's Why You Should Start Dating Outside
Your Type
As more and more people gather outside for in-person meetings, there are many more opportunities to meet people. People have started to date smarter, as a study showed that 83% of people choose emotional intelligence over physical attractiveness, but they still tend to date within their type.
Clinical psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry says that “in the early days of human existence,” mate selection was based solely on survival, but now that this isn’t the case, you would be “limiting” yourself by not dating outside your type. Dating coach, Connel Barrett, says “A benefit of dating outside your type is growing and learning.”
You may be preventing yourself from meeting someone who has a different outlook on life, and Barrett adds that “broadening your dating horizons” will lead you to experience much more and not be stuck in the same cycle. If you haven’t been able to find someone, it might be that your type hasn’t worked out for a reason and you need a reset.