Loofahs are a staple in almost every shower, but you should highly reconsider using one. There are plenty of things wrong with loofahs, and these are a few good reasons to throw yours away.
Loofahs remove dead skin cells from the body, so they are filled with bacteria and dirt, and dermatologist Anjali Butani says loofahs are not cleaning your body as much as they're just redistributing old bacteria. Additionally, loofahs can damage the skin through excess roughness, and when you pair that with the dehydration that comes from a hot shower, it could lead to a harsh reaction.
An easy alternative to loofahs is using your hands, but if you must use a loofah, let it dry outside of the humid and moist shower so it doesn’t trap as much bacteria. You can also bleach the loofah after you use it, but it’s recommended to not toss the loofah after each use, as that is expensive and bad for the environment.