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Hesidating: The Singles Trend Putting A Pause On Relationships
Hesidating is when people take a very long time to settle down into a committed relationship with someone who has shared interests and mutual attraction. They don’t want to waste time on the wrong person, so they “hesitate” before dating anyone seriously.
Hesidating & COVID-19
The reason hesidating is closely related to the COVID-19 pandemic is that many people believe they lost out on prime dating years due to time in quarantine. Dating during the shutdown was incredibly tricky and now that people are back on the dating scene, they don’t want to waste their time.
Avoid Vulnerability
You can spot a hesidater because they tend to shy away from vulnerability and try to avoid sharing anything too personal and emotional. They may come across as emotionally unavailable because they might get defensive in the light of vulnerability.
Lack Of Involvement
Someone who doesn’t want to be involved in your life is probably a hesidater because they aren’t sure they want to be with you in the long run. They will actively avoid things you care about, like birthdays and learning about your friends and family.
Overly Picky
Hesidaters can be overly picky and that is probably due to their time in quarantine. Now that they are dating again, they want to make sure they are hanging out with people who meet all of their criteria, and if someone doesn’t check all the boxes, they won’t get very far.