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Hinge Hack: How To Make The App Send You The Best Matches
Dating apps can offer an overwhelming amount of matches in the first few weeks of joining and then taper off. The loss of matches can be disappointing and seem personal.
Like most dating apps, Hinge has an algorithm limiting who sees your profile. To get the best results, TikTok user @singleinla says to delete the account and start over.
The TikToker suggests having a funny video, a face and body shot, a photo of you doing an activity, a picture with friends, and a snap of you with your pet on your profile.
Keeping prompts simple is also recommended by @singleinla. Her most popular is "What is your love language?" to which she responds with, "Martini's, let's grab one?"
Instead of aimlessly swiping, @singleinla says to boost your chances with a paid profile and set restrictions like geographical distance further than usual.
Next, avoid the app for 24 hours and let the likes roll in. You can see who has liked you and return to your normal restrictions in the settings once the boost has worn off.
Hinge lists people that it thinks you’ll like on the standout page. Reject everyone on there to trick the algorithm into sending you out to the masses, resulting in more likes.