Red, gold, and black Christmas French manicure with a garland.
Holiday Nail Designs That Are Anything But Basic
Powder Blue Accents
A matte powder blue brings fresh energy to your standard holiday nail set. Make it festive-themed with snowflake nail art and thin lines of glitter.
Stardust Snowflakes
Avoid cheesy glitter by wearing it on the tip of the nail only in French, with a cool-gold background. Drip sheer sparkles to resemble falling stardust.
Chrome Santa Hats
You can get away with the cheesiest holiday nails by adding a metallic finish to your manicure. For classic imagery, such as Santa hats, try an abstract design.
Minimal Sparkles
Keep sparkles to a minimum, and apply glitter polishes in unique ways, like a baby French or reverse French manicure instead, using a thin brush for super-fine lines.
Chrome Winter
While any shade looks good with chrome, a non-traditional metallic color like rose gold looks cutting-edge; add a chrome base and finish with some wintry nail art.