Portrait of a nice looking woman with beautiful necklace. Professional make up
Hollywood Stylists Are Indicating The Decline Of Necklaces As We Know Them
It's hard to believe that necklaces, a jewelry constant, could ever go out of style, but now, Hollywood stylists are consistently leaving necklaces out of celebrity looks. As is so often the case, it seems this accessory trend is tied to bigger happenings in the cultural zeitgeist.
Recently, fashion and beauty spaces are gravitating toward less-is-more trends like barely-there eyeliner and retro ‘90s minimalism. It has also been suggested that the vanishing of necklaces is tied to a trend called “recessioncore,” which is a style that embraces simplicity and quiet luxury to mirror the fiscally conservative lifestyle during an economic downturn.
One major trend to jump on in lieu of necklaces is the rise of statement earrings. If you've been holding back on a pair of gaudy chandelier earrings, now's the time to let yourself run wild. Wrist cuffs are also back in vogue and can be mixed, matched, and stacked with a variety of looks.