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Hoovering Is The New Toxic Relationship Tactic You Need To Recognize ASAP
The attempts a toxic partner will make to keep you in their life are called hoovering because, like a hoover vacuum, they want to pull you back in so they can continue to suck you emotionally and mentally dry. If you can identify hoovering tactics while you're in the relationship and when you leave it, you can better your chances of getting away for good.
Toxic people love to use gaslighting as a way to make their partner doubt themselves. If one is pushed to the point where they believe they're insane, they're easier to control and become more reliant on their partner, making them less likely to leave.
Love Bombing
Love bombing is a form of manipulation since you can start to feel like you owe your partner something when they shower you with gifts. It's harder to speak up, challenge someone when they're wrong, or leave them if you think you're indebted to them in some way.
Your partner can guilt-trip you into staying by claiming they'll end up alone if you leave them, how no one will ever love you like they do, etc. If you're constantly feeling guilty, you may feel like you have no choice but to stay and be there for your partner.
Threatening Self-Harm
In extreme cases, your toxic partner may threaten self-harm or suicide if you leave them. Narcissists have no limits as to how low they'll go to keep control of the situation, and implanting this seed of fear is just another way they exert their control.