Hand with a brown manicure and a ring with a heart on it
Hot Chocolate Nails Are On Trend For Fall 2023
For this manicure, pick five browns that range from light to dark to create the perfect variation. They will complement each other to create a sophisticated look.
To give your chocolate nails a touch of glamor and fun, apply dark brown glitter to a design of your choice before applying the top coat for a shiny finish.
Whether you use a few or many, gems on your nails can make a bold statement. Give your nail technician a reference photo so they know exactly what will suit your taste.
The hot chocolate color is perfect for elevating neutral nails, especially on a short manicure. When you have short nails, it brings all of the focus to the color.
French Tips
For this look, all you do is apply a matte top coat over your hot chocolate nail. Then, after it dries, create a French tip using a glossy top coat.