How Are Gel-X Manicures Different Than Acrylics?
Acrylic and Gel-X nails are popular manicure options, but there are several key differences between the two that can help you choose the best one for your nail health. When it comes to the price, acrylic nails start at around $35, gel nails at around $50, and Gel-X nails at around $80 and up for an initial set, all excluding tips.
Gel-X nails are a hybrid between a soft gel manicure and hard press-on nails; they give you the durability of gel polish and the length of press-ons without leaving your nails brittle when you remove them. Gel-X is applied like a regular gel manicure, it seamlessly blends with your natural nail, and can last two to three weeks.
Acrylics, on the other hand, can last longer than three weeks and they are ideal for adding extravagant designs or enhancements, while Gel-X is great for a more natural-looking manicure. The removal process of acrylics, however, is harsh on the natural nail as it requires more buffing, unlike Gel-X which only needs a soak-off treatment.