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How Damaging Are Perms For Your Hair Really?
What Are Perms
Hair is made from keratin molecules that are held together by disulfide bonds, and when you get a perm, chemicals break down these bonds, and a neutralizer helps the keratin form curls. A perm is not super harmful to your hair, but it can still weaken and dry it out.
Perms On Colored Hair
Many stylists suggest holding off on getting a perm if you have previously bleached or colored your hair since adding more chemicals can cause more damage. If you want colored hair and a perm, schedule your appointments about ten to fifteen days apart.
Dry Hair
The process of perms can dry out your hair, so doing them on already dry hair can lead to damage and breakage. If you have dry hair, take a month or two to change your hair care habits to get your hair moisturized for a perm, and keep moisturizing afterwards.