How Long Do You Really Need To Hold A Plank For?
When planking, some feel the burn by 10 seconds, others make it to 60 seconds or more, some can go for hours (really!), and some are just unsure of how long they need to hold the pose. Although holding the plank as long as possible is great for strength training, it has little benefit without the proper form.
Bursting is when you hold your planks for five to 10 seconds each, with rests in between, which can be helpful for beginners. Planks are an easily adaptable exercise, so if you're having trouble holding the pose for more than a few seconds, try some variations like straightening your arms or dropping your knees to relieve some pressure.
If you're breezing through planks without feeling any burn, there are some moves you can do to turn up the heat, such as alternating leg lifts to work your glutes and test your balance. While there is no steadfast rule for how long to hold a pose, remember to focus on proper form and breathing no matter what.