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How Long Does It Take For A Nose Piercing To Heal?
Nostril Piercing
Nostril or double nostril piercings are pretty straightforward and can heal in two to six months, depending on various factors. Choosing thicker jewelry for your nostril piercing may extend the healing process, and complications can also cause delays.
Septum Piercing
In a septum piercing, the septum is pierced inside of the columella, the fleshy, center portion of your nose that divides your nostrils. Done correctly — inexperienced piercers may mistakenly place the piercing on the cartilage — a septum piercing should heal within three to four months.
Rhino Piercing
The rhino piercings, because of their location at the tip of one's nose, are one of the riskiest nose piercings and have a reputation for being rather painful. A rhino piercing takes about six months to a year to completely heal; however, some can take even longer.
Bridge Piercing
Bridge piercings are a type of surface piercing that sit atop the bridge of one's nose and can be trickier than standard nose piercings, as they have a higher risk of rejection. However, with proper aftercare, most bridge piercings heal fully between four to six months.
Nasallang Piercing
The nasallang is a rarer nose-piercing variation that is far more complex than a nostril piercing in terms of its inner anatomy. Due to the amount of cartilage contact involved in the nasallang piercing, the healing process can take at least four to six months, if not more.