Nail Spa manicure and pedicure with equipment
How Often Should You Be Getting Pedicures?
Experts believe that getting a pedicure once a month is a good rule of thumb, as that’s the time it takes for dead skin to collect. Nail polish will need more frequent maintenance.
Specifically, once every 4 to 6 weeks is a good ballpark figure for catering to generic needs. However, if your feet are often exposed to dust and dirt, opt for twice a month.
People who play sports, hike, swim, or exercise have feet that take an extra hard beating. In this case, you shouldn’t be afraid to get a pedicure once a week.
If it isn’t feasible to visit a salon that frequently, consider going there once a month for an in-depth treatment and touching up at home between appointments.
Pedicures can be problematic if done too frequently, as over-exfoliation can whittle away healthy skin cells. If you have fungus around the toenail, you should avoid pedicures.
Those with diabetes should also avoid pedicures, as they pose a risk of infection, and those who’ve recently waxed or shaved their legs, as the open pores can cause ingrown hairs.