How Often Should You Get A Haircut If You Have Short Hair?
Regardless of length, every hairstyle requires a certain amount of maintenance — this means using the right products and having routine trims to keep your locks healthy. You might assume that those with shorter hair need to see their stylist more often, and while this may be true, several factors play a role in the timing of haircuts.
If you have short hair, you can go up to one month without needing a haircut; however, you might need a trim as little as two weeks after your last appointment. And don’t worry: the rumors about frequent cuts resulting in quick regrowth are false; hair typically only grows about a half-inch per month, and cutting it regularly doesn’t impact its growth rate.
As you keep up with your haircuts to maintain your short style, pay attention to your hair’s shape. Celebrity hair treatment expert Philip B. says that those with short tresses often notice that they start to lose their shape around the four-week mark, and while this is a good rule of thumb, don’t hesitate to speak to your stylist about the best routine for your hair.