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How Quiet Thriving Can Help Boost Your Relationship
Quiet Thriving For Couples
Quiet thriving in your love life might mean you initiate more quality time, consciously pause before an argument, or quietly take on some of your busy partner’s tasks.
It can also include self-improvement. Reading self-help books, learning relationship skills, and speaking with a therapist can all contribute to a healthier relationship.
Focus On Self-Improvement
Casting blame on your partner is a quick reaction you might have in an argument, but next time you catch yourself doing that, use it as an opportunity to practice quiet thriving.
With a quiet thriving approach, it can be easier to acknowledge and take responsibility for your shortcomings rather than getting stuck in the blame game with your partner.
Renew Commitment
Commitment in any relationship is an ongoing process, and it involves big things like resisting the temptation to cheat, and small things like supporting your partner’s new hobby.
If you've noticed your attention wandering lately, a commitment to quiet thriving might also help reinvigorate commitment in your relationship.
Reignite A Lost Spark
Quiet thriving can help reignite the spark of a relationship by incorporating some of the same small, affectionate gestures that brought you together when you were newly dating.
The key is to stick to actions that feel authentic and important. Rather than buying your partner generic gifts, make time for deep conversations and do simple favors for them.
Resolve Relationship Problems
Quiet thriving is an alternative to passivity and aggression, and it honors the fact that you can’t change your significant other but can always better yourself.
Replace quiet quitting and scolding with introspection and clear boundaries. This can set a healthy tone for your relationship and help make it stronger.