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How Quiet Thriving May Make Your Job Better
Focus On Your Interests
You can tailor a job to suit your needs by taking more responsibility in the areas you engage most strongly with; this is sometimes known as job crafting. Displaying initiative in this way can impress your supervisor, and could translate into spending more time on the projects you’re interested in.
Remember The Upsides
It can help to remind yourself regularly about the benefits and positive points of your job through a job-affirming mantra, a list of good things you keep near your desk, or even by starting a gratitude journal. Engaging in gratitude can reduce depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and promote better sleep.
Develop A Work Squad
Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there is huge value in developing a network of friends at work. Not only do they provide a crucial social outlet that relieves the boredom of everyday tasks, but they can relate and commiserate about your job in a way that non-work friends just can’t.
Spur Your Enthusiasm
Getting involved in extracurriculars at work can provide a break from monotony, improve your workplace self-esteem, and provide an opportunity to bond with teammates. Look for chances to serve on volunteer committees, or consider getting involved with workplace policy-making.
Celebrate Your Wins
You can always put things into perspective by remembering your accomplishments. Acknowledging that you’re good at what you do can make you feel valuable in your current position, or prepare you to seek opportunities elsewhere with confidence, so write
out a list of your accomplishments
and revisit them often.