Close-up of a Woman applying serum to her face
How Retinol Can Be Used To Fight Acne Breakouts
Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that can help combat new acne while erasing any scarring from previous breakouts so you can achieve an evenly toned complexion.
It works by increasing your cell turnover rate, removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin with fewer dark spots. It can also treat breakouts by reducing inflammation.
Since retinol unclogs pores, you may have more acne when you first start using it. This is known as retinol purge, and while it’s frustrating, it’s important to trust the process.
When adding retinol to your skincare routine, start gradually by wearing it a couple of times a week and giving your skin some time to adjust before using it every other night.
Apply retinol at night to lower your chances of getting sunburnt during the day. If you do decide to wear it during the day, make sure you apply a strong sunscreen afterward.
The best way to use retinol is by applying it using the sandwich method. Start with clean, dry skin, then use a non-comedogenic moisturizer before applying the retinol.
You only need a pea-sized amount of retinol to cover your entire face. Next, you'll want to follow up with a generous amount of moisturizer to create the "sandwich" effect.