Woman smiling while combing her hair.
How To Ace A Successful Hair Recovery Day
1. Take A Break From Heat And Chemicals
Straighteners, hair dyes, and flat irons can weaken your hair over time. Thus, it helps to give your hair a rest by abstaining from these practices for more than one day.
Celebrity stylist Millie Morales tells Well+Good, "...you'll want to commit to at least a month away from heat styling" if you want your hair to reach "peak hair health."
2. Pamper Your Hair With Conditioners
Use a regular conditioner when you wash your hair and include deep conditioners in your routine, which stay on hair for longer and nourish the inside of your hair strands.
Another replenishing conditioner is a hair mask. It penetrates deeper into the hair strand layers than deep conditioners and can be applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth.
3. Choose Hair-Friendly Styles
Hair-friendly styles are those that are easy on your hair strands, helping you take a break from chemical processes and everyday wear and tear.
These styles include wearing your hair in its natural form, using curlers at night instead of a heated curling iron, or using natural oils like olive or Mongongo as styling products.