How To Achieve The Popular Wet Hair Look
Sadly, heat damage seems inevitable when it comes to styling your hair, but no one wants to end up with split ends and breakage. If you want to control your mane but also protect it from heat damage, styling your hair while it’s wet is the perfect solution.
Achieve a lasting wet hairdo by blotting your hair until it’s 60% dry, then part your hair with your finished look in mind. If you have thick hair, apply a quarter-size amount of serum and cream formula to the midsection and ends of the hair, but for fine hair, use a dime-sized portion of serum, and then coat the hair with an alcohol-free mousse or conditioner.
If you want a full wet-look hairstyle, apply products from root to tip, but if you want loose ends and damp roots, apply products only at the top of your hair. Try a slicked-back fishtail braid or ponytail for the ultimate wet hairdo, and keep your baby hairs secured by adding hair spray.